The Importance of Leading with Heart

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Leadership from the heart means placing people first, serving communities, and creating meaningful jobs. If heart-centred leadership is not prevalent within your organisation, it can be developed. Leaders can be more considerate about their actions to cultivate this leadership style.

A good leader is one who has learned how to lead with integrity. An effective leader must commit to developing and growing the people you lead, helping them find the greatness that God has implanted within each one of them. When you truly care for the people you lead and focus on giving and serving, your results will be measured not only by financial results but by the happiness of your teammates as well as yourself as the leader. You simply cannot achieve perfection unless you put your heart and emotions into your work as a leader.

Heart-led leadership is consistent with leading with high levels of emotional intelligence, compassion, and confidence. One of the most highly valued traits leaders can display is empathy – the ability to understand and relate to the emotions of others and to show that you understand what another person is feeling and going through. These emotional leaders are so essential in business, as they are effective at managing their emotions, as well as influencing others’ emotions in positive ways, in order to achieve personal and organisational goals.

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They point out that leadership has a powerful impact on the lives of individuals, where others feel their leaders care personally for them and are invested in their lives. Influential leaders give back to their communities or to other causes, not just to their companies. Servant leaders show their teams how it is beneficial to give, and you cannot over-give something that comes back to you with blessings. When leaders express appreciation and gratitude for their employees, they are demonstrating their goodness in clear ways. They are earning their people’s respect, admiration, and loyalty in return.

When leaders express recognition, employees feel valued, and organisations achieve greater things. In a workplace, leaders who demonstrate care and interest for the lives of their employees, as well as for the set of predictable rules, build a healthy attachment that encourages employees to work harder. This higher degree of emotional intelligence cannot be achieved overnight. Like every other important skill, the technique of being more aware of your own emotions and actively listening to others requires time and practice. There are leadership development programs that can help managers to become better leaders.

In addition to it, team bonding is also critical to the success of the organisation. To create the right environment for it, you can look online for some great options, such as team development in Sydney or fun team-building activities near you. You can discuss the idea with the team and pick the one that excites them the most.

If you are the type of leader who leads mostly from the head, chances are that when faced with challenging situations, which might call for novel and innovative solutions, your team will likely turn to you. That being said, a leader who leads with their heart will also need to have a solid plan and strategy to accomplish their vision and to be decisive in those situations in order to instil trust within their team. Those who embrace leading with their heart will find that it has the magic to foster innovation, provide better customer service, and help people to be their best selves. You will also need the courage to take risks because the challenges that lie ahead are complex and may seem overwhelming, and you will need the heart to know the consequences of your decisions for your team or the communities with which you will be working.

Leading with love and compassion is a winning leadership strategy on so many levels. Whatever a person’s next leadership role may involve, whether that involves creating a mission statement, setting the company’s vision or strategic plan, or just the process of making any kind of improvement in an organisation, relying upon a strong power of love may increase that organisation’s effectiveness. The essence of leadership, we all know, is touching the heart, mind, and soul.

In a nutshell, leading with your heart is the key to achieving great success, as it helps one to understand oneself better and connect with others on a deeper level. This motivates others to work harder to help the business reach new heights.

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